Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

What do you see first? A lion or a zebra? Take this free online test to find out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Once you read your result, share it in the comments!

Now let’s see what this picture, and what you saw on it says about you and your personality.

If you saw a zebra:

You are introvert

After a long day at work, you like to recharge by spending some quality time alone, or with the company of your loved one, a glass of your favorite drink and a few episodes of your favorite TV show.

You like your friends, and you would do anything for them, but sometimes you simply don’t feel like going out, and possibly making small talk with people you don’t know.

Rather than going out in big groups, you like spending your time with your few close friends. You’re a good listener, and that’s what people like most about you.

You are a bit more reserved, and that’s what you may need to work on if you want to get that promotion you deserve, or a project you know you’d be great at.

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If you saw a lion:

You are an extrovert

Let’s see what this actually means., starting with what you enjoy doing, how you want to spend your time, and how comfortable you feel around people.

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The first thing people always notice about you is how sociable, and out-going you are. Even when you happen to have a bad or a long day at work or at school, you still want to be around people. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care who you’ll go out with, or that you don’t pick your friends carefully. It simply means that you like hanging out with people you like and that’s how you actually recharge.

You like to be involved in group conversations and debates, and don’t mind sharing your opinion in front of others.

Change is not a big deal for you, and you quickly learn to accept it and move on.

You get distracted quite easily and you open up to people more often than others do, so you need to be a bit careful. It’s not always a good idea to share intimate and personal stuff with others, especially if you don’t have their trust. Other than that you have many good qualities, that can make you better at your job, and will help you make closer bonds with your colleagues. Some of those are: your openness, your out-going and competitive spirit and more.

Written by Marija Krstova

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